What is Podiff?

Podiff is a comparative blogging platform. It is a place to post, share and discover interesting articles called PODs. This is a new way of saying and learning things on your favorite topics.

What does Podiff mean?

Podiff is a play of words from the phrase “Point Of Difference".

What is a POD?

POD is Point Of Difference articles which are posted by users. POD is a way to talk about and compare two things or topics. For example a POD on Apple and Oranges.

Can anyone write PODs?

Yes, but you need to sign-up for an account on Podiff .

Can I post private PODs?

No, all PODs are public and available to other users and on search engines.

Why should I sign-up?

You can enjoy Podiff without signing up but that is just limited to reading PODs. To engage with other users or post PODs you need to be a registered user. We think you can better express yourself on Podiff if you sign-up.

What is Karma?

Karma is a reflection of your performance and engagement level on Podiff. It also conveys other users about your contribution on Podiff. Karma is calculated based on multiple variables, for which you can learn here

Why should I improve my Karma?

A better Karma will establish a good repo and trust among other Podiff members. Other benefits of a Karma are-

  1. Karma of 100 will let you add your ‘Website Link’ next to your profile image.
  2. You can increase your ‘Back-Link’ quota. Every user gets 100 ‘Back-Link’ which can be used in PODs. As you keep improving Karma you get more Back-Link when you are low on back-link.
  3. A part of Karma is used to calculate what is popular and trending on Podiff.

How can I improve Karma?

Karma is calculated on two major things- Contribution and Activity. To start with, you should be active on Podiff and engage with other users and PODs. You should also actively contribute good PODs to increase your Karma. You should be aware how Karma is evaluated

What are the languages supported on Podiff?

Right now Podiff is available in English. We may soon start adding support for other languages.

Is Podiff mobile application available on stores?

No, Podiff has no application available for mobile but still you can access Podiff for your mobile. Podiff supports all mobile browsers and is completely responsive.

What topics should I choose for PODs?

You can explore a set of categories available on Podiff. To start with, you can post PODs on topics which you know most about. PODs can be written in different style like informative, casual, funny, visual etc. If your POD doesn’t fit in any of the categories on Podiff you can choose to publish it under Random. You can also explore some of the most interesting PODs in ‘Random’ category.

Why are there two comment boxes on each POD?

PODs have a clear distinction between two things/topics and you will frequently need to engage on these two things. Podiff provides a more structured commenting system where users are more connected with the ongoing discussion. We have tried it as an experiment with the conventional commenting system and we hope you will have more fun this way.

What are tags?

There are 4 different tags which you can see at the top of each POD. Tags give an idea about the POD. Tags are represented by the 1st letter of each tag namely- Visual, Unbalanced, Short and Long. To know more about how it works, check out Podiff Glossary

What are the terms used on Podiff?

Podiff has its own set of noun and verbs which can be checked out at Podiff Glossary

Can I embed PODs on my website?

Yes, embed code for each POD is available which can be used to embed PODs on your blog or website.

What are back-link score?

At the start each Podiff user gets 100 back-link options. Back-links are the hyperlink which you can use to embed links inside the PODs. This means every user can embed a maximum of 100 links in their PODs. There is nothing to worry about, you will get more back-links when you start increasing your Karma. Back-link score is a representation of this activity and show you Total and Used Back-Links.

How should I improve back-link score?

The best way to improve back-link score is to contribute more PODs and increase activity on Podiff. Back-Link score improves as and when your Karma increases. Remember Back-Link score is added only when your Back-Link score reaches 10 or below.

How do I report a content or a user?

We appreciate your participation to keep Podiff clean and good. You can use the ‘Flag’ option if you see a content which is copyrighted or disturbing in any sense. You can also report about any User or suspicious activity. Before you do the same we suggest you to read our Community Guidelines and Terms of Services

I see Profile Link on other users profile, how do I add a Profile Link to my profile?

Profile Link helps users to know more about you by connecting to your website/blog/social network. To add a Profile Link you need to have a minimum Karma of 100. You can learn about how to improve Karma here.

What are categories?

Categories are pre available tags which can help you publish and sort PODs on these broader topics. A POD can have multiple categories. You can also follow categories of your interest to get constant updates on that topic.

Can I view “Adult category"?

Yes, but you have to be 18 years or above. Adult category may containing some images or topics which is not suitable for viewership below 18. PODs tagged with Adult category are also not available on open search.

What technology does Podiff use?

While a lot goes inside Podiff, it is majorly build on Python with Django as a framework and uses nginx server to fuel traffic.

In case you need to know more about anything you can reach us at support@podiff.com