Common Terms on Podiff

PODs- Point of Difference articles which is written on Podiff.

Podding- The activity of writing a POD.

For- The act of choosing a side of the POD which best appeals you. A way to support an argument.

Up Vote (POD)- To give a vote to a POD and push its ranking up. POD with higher up vote becomes more popular.

Like (Comment) - To ‘Like’ a comment which you feel is helpful. Comments with most ‘Likes’ get to become the popular comments of that POD.

Karma- A number evaluated through a formula which represent you overall ranking, popularity and engagement on Podiff. Interesting benefits are given for every karma milestone.

V- V tag is give to PODs which are visual. They contain only pictures and very few or no text.

U- U tag is given to PODs which are Unbalanced. They are PODs which have unequal text or information in both segments. One segment may be left blank or may have very little information.

S- Shorts are PODs which are briefly descriptive.

L- Longs are PODs which are quite in details.

Follow (Podder)- You can get a constant stream of PODs by following people. You can contribute good PODs to attract more followers.

Repod- The method to share an interesting POD with your followers. When you Repod a POD, It will be posted to your Followers.

Categories- Assigning a POD to a list of topics provided under categories.