Personal vs Professional
  • In both personal and professional relationships, people should respect one-another and strive to be reasonable, responsible and polite.

  • In personal relationship,we care about each-other, want the best for each-other and are there for each-other.

  • We spend time with friends and family, because it feels good to be with them.

  • Personal relationships arise out of our basic human need for love, connection and belonging.

  • In a personal relationship, we risk being hurt or disappointed.

  • In personal relationships our pride is at risk.

  • In our personal relationships we want to be open and straightforward.

  • In our personal relationships, we build real trust through getting to know each-other and seeing how the other person behaves over time and no matter what happens, we care about them and stand along with them in every problem.

  • In our professional relationships, we might genuinely like the other person; we might even look out for each-other and support one-another. Still, this type of relationship is about helping the other person get ahead in their career.

  • Our professional relationships are forged in service of our professional goals.

  • In our professional relationships, our ideas could be stolen, our professional reputation could be undermined; we could even lose our job if we end up on the wrong side of a jealous or disgruntled supervisor or colleague.

  • In professional relationships our livelihood is at risk.

  • In professional relationships we need to be more strategic; we want to be well-liked, but not necessarily well-known.

  • In our professional relationships, it's best to remain skeptical. We can trust, but to a point.

  • In professional relationships, people may have been exploited, manipulated, ripped off and then discarded.


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